SmartAP Autopilot now has its own Configurator

SmartAP Autopilot now has its own Configurator, this is a desktop application which helps to configure SmartAP board easily and prepare the vehicle for the first flight just in 10 minutes! The design is very clean and intuitive, while the capabilities are very flexible. Check out the video tutorial on system configuration above.

The major specifications are:   

  • Intuitive interface
  • Works via USB or Telemetry
  • Battery status display
  • Supports 10 types of airframes
  • Radio type selection (PWM or SBUS)
  • Easy IMU calibration
  • Fast parameters tuning
  • Advanced parameters list access
  • Command line interface
  • Real time plot
  • Firmware update (coming soon)

This is the initial version and more interesting things are yet to come.

SmartAP Ground Control Station for mission planning, flight control and post-flight analysis is in development and will be released soon. 

SmartAP Autopilot is the next generation flight control system for multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles capable of fully autonomous flight. It has a powerful microcontroller STM32F4 from STMicroelectronics, 9-axis Inertial Measurement Unit and the latest GPS receiver from UBlox integrated onboard. SmartAP supports any type of multirotor UAV with outstanding navigation and control precision. Unlike our competitors SmartAP was developed using the latest electronic components available at the moment, which allowed us to achieve such amazing results. 

More information:

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