Science fiction no more? Channel 4’s Humans and our rogue AI obsessions

We’ve told ourselves stories about the robot revolution for decades – but technological advances are hauling artificial intelligence out of the fictional realm. As the real world catches up, is it time to rewrite the script?

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RoboCop, that tin-suited keeper of law, order and a heroic portmanteau, abides by three prime directives: 1) Serve the public trust, 2) Protect the innocent, 3) Uphold the law. He lives by these rules with algorithmic devotion. As well he must: each is written into his circuitry. Not only that, his existence is dependent upon the absence of error. A misstep by an American beat cop, as recent events have proved, may only result in gardening leave or suspension (at least, if the indiscretion was filmed by some dauntless passer-by). But should a cyborg officer so much as erroneously issue a speeding ticket, he and his electronic colleagues would surely be summarily melted down and their metal used to make candlesticks.

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Article by Simon Parkin,

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