Star Wars Millennium Falcon Quad!

With the latest  release of Star Wars this multi-rotor has got to be a fan favorite.  Unfortunately as of now this is a custom-made quad by  Oliver C.   It is said that when you combine two good things the resulting creation is often much greater than each item separately.  Such is the case with this Millennium Falcon quad copter.   Quad copters by themselves are extremely cool,  Star Wars by itself is fantastic, but when they are combined together it just goes off the chart.   This custom-made drone  at its core is a prophecy 335 quad.  All  we can assume is that  Oliver is a big Star Wars fan, he created this design which he built from the ground up using off-the-shelf parts.  The iconic Millennium Falcon look is created by a custom skin sculpted out of lightweight foam that fits snugly onto the drone chassis. This model even has working LED thruster lights.



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