You'll need the force to fly a Star Wars Battle Drone


Propel CEO Darren Matloff was fading behind a thick gray cloud created by a fog machine. He was trying to tell us about his company’s awesome new Star Wars drones, but even he was struggling to ignore the haze building between him and his small, but enthusiastic audience.

“I think that’s enough with the fog machine,” said Matloff, who instructed his support crew to open the front and back doors of the small Brooklyn space he’d rented to demonstrate his Star Wars battle drones and the new flight-training apps. 

Matloff could be forgiven for the fog. It was there to help demonstrate the real, though safe, lasers Propel’s Star Wars Battle Drones use during in-air battle. With enough fog, you could see the red beams, but you could not see Matloff. Read more…

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Article by Lance Ulanoff,

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