Our predictions for this month's epic robot-themed Loot Crate


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Do androids dream of electric sheep? Is Data a sentient being, or property of Starfleet? How exactly did C3PO get his red arm? The answers to these questions may very well be found inside September’s robot-themed Loot Crate.

If you’re not familiar, here’s the rundownLoot Crate is a subscription service that delivers a new mystery box of themed geek and gamer gear to your door every month. Each box is curated by professional Loot Crate nerds to include only the hottest swag from today’s most talked-about movies, TV, shows, comics, and games. You’ll find authentic products from new releases and pop-culture classics, cool collectibles featuring your favorite characters, and an exclusive t-shirt in every crate. You’ll never get the same item twice and there’s no filler allowed; every Loot Crate delivery is valued at up to $70, so you’ll always get more than your money’s worth.  Read more…

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