NVIDIA makes a new announcement at InterDrone!

Check out the latest in Autonomous flying from NVIDIA NVIDIA Researchers Release Trailblazing Deep Learning-Based Framework for Autonomous Drone Navigation NVIDIA’s autonomous mobile robotics team today released a framework to enable developers to create autonomous drones that can navigate complex, unmapped places without GPS. All of this is done through deep learning and computer vision […]

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UAV Education Programs Reach New Heights

We devote pages and pages in every issue of RotorDrone to the ever-expanding role that unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) of all types play in our world. Much of our focus is recreational, but increasingly you see us documenting (and celebrating!) the commercial, environmental, and public-safety advancements that drones are ushering in. UAS is far and […]

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Cute little Kuri robot can now capture and share those unexpected moments you missed

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UAS for Search and Rescue

Looking through the Trees When an autistic 11-year-old on his bike went missing with his dad’s rifle this past August, Alaska State Troopers had a problem. They couldn’t activate their normal search-and-rescue protocols because a gun was involved; they didn’t want to take a chance of putting search crews in danger. They instead called the […]

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Have DartGun, Will Travel!

South Africa’s Super Drone Advanced drones armed with double-barrel dart guns—that sounds like a scifi movie if ever I heard one. But it’s true—and not in a sinister way. In fact, such helpful drones could actually be coming to the United States very soon. The aptly named DartGun is the latest development from Haevic, a […]

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DRL Racer sets new world speed record!

Earlier this month, the Drone Racing League (DRL) set a world record while testing one of their new racing drones! With a top speed of 163.5mph, the 1.76-pound DRL RacerX set the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Ground Speed by a battery-powered remote-controlled quadcopter.  Drones used for the DRL racing league are all build by hand, just […]

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Intro to Thermal Imageing

See the World in a Different Light   Equipping your drone with a thermal-imaging camera is exactly the same as mounting an ordinary visible-light camera, with one crucial difference: the wavelengths of the photons its sensor detects. Apart from that, everything else works exactly the same, even though you are seeing the world in a […]

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ImiTec’s Radiation-Mapping Drones

At 3:46 p.m. (local time) on March 11, 2011, a 14-meter, earthquake-triggered tsunami hit land in Japan. Unfortunately for the residents of Fukushima Prefecture, it struck the coastal nuclear-power station, Fukushima Daiichi, causing huge volumes of radiation to be released into the environment. The disaster was quickly compared in scale to that of the 1986 […]

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Using Left- and Right-Hand Antennae

Some antennae have LHCP and other have RHCP. What does that mean? Can they be used together, and is one better than the other?   “LHCP” stands for “left-hand circular polarized,” and “RHCP” stands for “right-hand circular polarized.” A LHCP antenna will produce a left-hand corkscrew pattern from the wire lobes, and a RHCP antenna […]

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