Ford And DJI Launch $100,000 Developer Challenge To Improve Drone-To-Vehicle Communications

What if your drone could talk to your car? That’s probably not a question you’ve asked yourself all that often, but what if you are the United Nations or a search-and-rescue organization that wants to launch drones from the bed of their pickup trucks? Ford and DJI today announced a new developer challenge that asks […]Read more…

Campaign to Stop Killer Robots warns UN of threat ‘a few years away’

Artificial intelligence experts point to looming danger amid unpredictable technology and fears that technology could ‘seduce us into warfare’

Experts in artificial intelligence, lawyers and activists organized by the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots gathered at the United Nations on Tuesday to warn against a growing reliance on cheap drones and “stupid AI” that can be unpredictable in the real world.

“Terminator always comes up,” Toby Walsh, a professor of artificial intelligence at the University of New South Wales, told reporters on Tuesday, referring to the sci-fi cyborg on a mission to wipe out mankind. “But it’s not really Terminator that we’re worried about at the moment. I think that Terminator is perhaps 50 or so years away.”

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NEC Surveillance System Detects, Tracks UAS

NEC has developed a surveillance system that can spot drones from up to a kilometer away. The system is intended to be used around places like sports stadiums, nuclear power stations and government buildings, and can detect drones in several ways. At the heart of the system are two cameras: an ultra-sensitive camera that sees […]

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NASA Offers Patents to Start-ups

NASA is unveiling a new opportunity for start-up companies to license patented NASA technology with no up-front payment. The Startup NASA initiative addresses two common problems start-ups face: raising capital and securing intellectual property rights. Aimed at encouraging the growth of high-tech businesses and advancing American innovation, NASA’s Technology Transfer Program within the Office of […]

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